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I haven't made a journal in a while, so I figured I probably should say a few things, since I still lurk around to stalk my old friends here.

First of all, I'm quite disheartened that I don't get the little senior citizen badge by my username even though this account is over six years old now. I guess you have to be a paying member for that. For shame, deviantart. Respect your elders.

I used to talk about my horses on here a lot, so I guess if anyone wants to hear about them, they're doing well. Can you believe Fae is 8 years old? I've been at school so I haven't seen her since around New Year's, but she's her usual self. She's generally calmer and more mature now than she used to be, having settled down from the fiery passion of horsey youth. My mom rides her occasionally in ACTHA competitions, and she's won various ribbons, at least one blue (for the halter class, oddly enough). She remains smart, graceful, curious, and sassy. We've been looking for a new pony cart for Cloud, as the old one has been getting more and more beat up over the years and has always been too small for her. 
We've moved our horses (Fae, Cloud, and Santee) to a different barn because Fae and Tony kept breaking down the fences at the old one, and the owners didn't take care of it. We pay rent now and have to do the feeding and get hay ourselves, but it's worth it for safe fencing. Plus, there's a small community of boarders at that barn, so my mom has people to ride with and people who will be around if there's an emergency. We still see our old friends Tony, Joe, and Terra though, as we are allowed to ride on their property. :)
Oh, I don't think I've mentioned Santee here yet! My mom bought a new horse this fall. His name is Santee; he's a chestnut thoroughbred-warmblood cross, two years old. He's extremely friendly and has a very calm disposition and gets along well with the other two, though he's at the bottom of the social order despite being the biggest. Yep, even the little pony can boss him around. He's primarily my mom's horse so I haven't spent much time with him, but she's working on ground manners and has successfully put a saddle on him! He won't start with riding till he turns three, though. 
That's about all there is to tell. I miss them, and I hope I get to see them again before spring break.

Otherwise... college? It's going. We had two days out for snow last week. I got a betta fish named Ozymandias, King of Kings, who is very precious. Over winter break I took care of two very cute birds, a sun conure and a black-headed caique (I never found out their names so I called them Connie and Cai). I hope I get to see them again cause they were adorable and cuddly! I haven't been drawing as much as I'd like, especially because I've been caught up in video games lately. I played Assassin's Creed 2 all winter break, and I've spent the last few weeks in Mass Effect 2. ME2 is WONDERFUL and I already beat it once and started my second playthrough a few days later. I'd very much recommend it if you like a good mix of RPG and shooter games and sci-fi and SWEET PRECIOUS BABY (deadly killer) SIDE CHARACTERS. 

*coughs* anyway, if I finish some of the fan art I've done for it I might upload here. I think I have a thing or two I could put up. I've been slowly trying to get back into digital painting, but I just can't seem to get away from pencils and sketchbook. I've mostly lost interest in big projects and coloring but I hope to find that inspiration again someday. 


Reminder that you can follow me on tumblr or twitter cause I'm a loser who isn't very active on this account anymore! Just ask and I'll PM you my username(s).
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Hello, my name is Mary! I'm 19 and from the southeast US.
I used to draw a lot of horses in photoshop, as you can see, but I've been studying people and cartoon-y style more often nowadays. My favorite medium for art is graphite, though I also enjoy acrylic and watercolor when I get around to it (which is rare). I also use photoshop sometimes.
Aside from drawing I enjoy horseback riding, reading, and writing.
I am a Christian and if you have any prayer requests or questions about my religion, please feel free to note me.
Thanks for visiting my page!
My other account is PeopleofOz but it's been inactive for a while.

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